Plug our content into your LMS

Our online courses can be delivered to any LMS on the market.   We use a SCORM Cloud Dispatch service, which includes the best-in-class SCORM Cloud player. Our content is dispatched in tiny SCORM 1.2 packages that virtually any SCORM LMS can handle. Access our free online course catalogue here!

The benefits include:

  • You maintain the system of record for learning content
  • Reduces “platform fatigue” for your employees as they are familiar with your LMS
  • Content updates take place seamlessly with no requirement to update your LMS

Why try e-learning? Your people can:

  • Learn at their own pace on any device at any time
  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Select relevant courses to enhance unique skills
  • Explore new options and topics to stay current
  • Develop leadership skills by working with an executive coach

And, we offer blended learning for individuals who prefer to balance self-guided programming and to discuss complex topics with peers and an instructor.

Customized and Relevant Training Solutions

All our programs are developed by EI Advantage co-founder, Hayley Hesseln, Ph.D. who has dedicated her 20+ year career to teaching and learning and was awarded the Master Teacher designation by the University of Saskatchewan. 

Hayley has expertise in curriculum and course development, emotional intelligence, online assessment, and creating great learning experiences at all levels.

Flexibility is key. Our fully interactive courses are all available at any time on any device and we would be happy to work with you to customize learning material and experiences that meet your unique needs. 


Whether you require self-paced, instructor-led, or blended learning or any combination, we will help you determine what’s best to meet your needs.  Contact us!