Leadership Coaching

We help you redefine the way you communicate, collaborate and make decisions as a leader.  This instructor-led program provides research-based content that focuses on the leadership dimensions most critical for advancement including authenticity, the ability to lead and incite actions in others, the courage to innovate, and mentoring strategies. Participants will gain knowledge of emotional intelligence and enhance practices through hands-on activities and exercises designed to promote strong leaders.


Leadership coaching is an effective way to integrate emotional intelligence into succession planning, as it can provide personalized and tailored support for potential successors.

We can provide three or six month renewable programs.

Or, we can provide a specific number of coaching sessions per individual to support your internal leadership programs.

As we have a roster of accredited coaches, it’s easy for us to intake a large number of participants and add in that 1:1 coaching piece your internal leadership program may be missing.

We can also provide high level aggregate analysis of the emotional intelligence competencies of your group, so that you can be guided for future succession training and programming for your employees.

Contact janice@eiadvantage.ca to discuss your needs. 


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